What does a private consultation include?

  • Steps you should take in each stage of potty training

  • When you should start

  • The proper eqipment you will need and where to find it

  • A reset if you have tried potty training already

  • A coach through your entire process

  • The vocabulary to use during potty training

  • What to do on the very first day (this may shock you)

  • Ways to handle stubborn children who refuse to cooperate

  • Things you can do to get your child over the fear of the toilet

  • How to mentally prepare yourself for potty training

  • How to take the stress out of potty training
  • Ways to make dads want to get involved so it’s less work on you

  • How to transition from I peed, to I am peeing, to I have to pee

  • How to deal with accidents

  • What to tell your childcare provider so they actually work with you and not against you

  • How to night train

  • How to reduce childs axiety about pooping in the potty

  • How to motivate you child without using extrinsic rewards

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