Welcome to Easy Peasy Potty Training!

There are so many myths about potty training, Easy Peasy Potty Training is here to help you navigate them!

What is the secret of potty training?...it's simple...YOU! Parents are teachers who provide a loving environment for their child, and provide the necessary boundaries. This is why potty training is best done by the parents. You have a special bond with them, and teaching them new skills strengthens that bond.

The #1 thing I hear is "I'm waiting till he/she is ready." In what other areas of development do you do this? Do you wait until they are ready for bed (hopefully not)? What about if your child decides they want to play in traffic? 

And what does "ready" look like anyways? Will your child come to you and say, you know I think I'm done with diapers and I am going to use the potty now...probably not and that's ok!

What should be the determining factor in when to start potty training is capability. Is your child capable of potty training? You as a parent know your child best, do you feel they are capable of training? If so they probably are! The ideal time for potty training is 18-30 months, yes you are reading this correctly, you can start as early as 18 months! I had my son potty trained at 19 months, it's so possible!

Let me be your coach to guide you through the steps to successfully potty train your child!

 Potty training  is not scary!